Our Team

Behind Adaptive3D is a team of 3D printing experts who are taking over the industry.

  • Walter Voit

    CEO & Founder

    Dr. Walter Everett Voit is an entrepreneurial CEO from the University of Texas at Dallas and explores the thermomechanics and cure kinetics of shape memory polymers, flexible bioelectronics, next generation neural interfaces, 3-D printing, and degradable polymers and studies the effects of ionizing radiation on polymers. Dr. Voit is a cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Adaptive3D, which licensed intellectual property from both Georgia Tech and UT Dallas in pursuit of next-generation acoustics and additive manufacturing based on specialty polymers and thiol chemistries.  Adaptive3D closed its Series B Venture Funding round in Jan. 2019 and its capitalization table included strategic partners representing Applied Materials, DSM now Covestro, Arkema, West Pharma, Chemence and the founding family of Texas Instruments, the McDermott family, at the time of its acquisition by Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM) in May 2021.  Dr. Voit is a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Director’s Fellow and multi-program DARPA performer and sits on the Executive Committee and the Science and Technology Chair of the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards through the National Institute of Standards and Technology and an International Atomic Energy Agency consultant in the field of radiation crosslinked shape memory polymers. He graduated high school valedictorian and was recruited to UT Dallas through the Eugene McDermott Scholars Program. As a McDermott Scholar, Voit worked at Los Alamos National Labs and at Dallas nanotechnology startup company Zyvex.  He received a B.S. in Computer Science and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from UT Dallas. Dr. Voit’s Master’s thesis work was conducted under the mentorship of Prof. I. Hal Sudborough, where their team helped improve the upper bound of the pancake problem which has not been beaten since (Bill) Gates and Papadimitriou published on the subject in 1979. Dr. Voit was named a Presidential Scholar at Georgia Tech and was selected to the prestigious TI:GER program, a partnership with the College of Management and Emory Law School.

  • Shawn Weishuhn

    Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. Shawn Weishuhn serves as Chief Operating Officer. He has over 20 years experience in managing continuous manufacturing operations across several countries in the cryogenic industry, with an emphasis on safety and quality. He spent several years in the aerospace manufacturing industry driving FAA as well as all AS9100 series of certifications. Taking this experience with him, Shawn then started a consulting business that supported over 100 companies to achieve certifications across various standards such as AS9100, ISO900, ISO4500, ISO14001, R2 and ISO17025. Most recently Shawn has been involved with high-speed injection molding of specialized polymers for the ammunition industry. There he led a team to drive continuous improvement and repeatability of production parts through developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure marketability.

  • Benjamin Lund

    Vice President of Applied Polymer Research and Development

    Dr. Benjamin Lund heads the research and engineering teams at Adaptive3D. He leverages his extensive background in organic and small-molecule chemistry to engineer materials for precision control of their thermo-mechanical properties, including toughness in all directions and oxygen-tolerance. Prior to working for Adaptive3D, Dr. Lund worked at the Center for Engineering Innovation at UT Dallas where he managed multimillion-dollar research grants in addition to leading research and mentoring students. He was the site administrator at the Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems and is an inventor on more than 10 patents. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from UT Dallas, making him an exceptional addition to our team of 3D printing experts.

  • Roger Lipton

    Vice President of Polymer Business Development

    Mr. Roger Lipton is the Vice President of Polymer Business Development. His career has been focused on advancing innovative, paradigm shifting technologies. Mr. Lipton holds a B.S. Degree in Marketing from the University of Hartford and a degree in international business from Nijenrode Business Universiteit, The Netherlands. He was recently the Chief Marketing Officer for start-up FibeRio Technology Corporation, a venture backed nanofiber technology start-up acquired by Clarcor Inc., now owned by Parker-Hannifin (PH: NYSE) where he was engaged in strategic business development. Other company engagements include ORATEC Interventions (OTEC; NASDAQ), acquired by Smith & Nephew), Orthofix (OFIX; NASDAQ) and MedMax. He is the past President, CEO and co-founder of Calcitec, Inc., a venture-backed biomaterials company specializing in nano-structured tissue scaffolds developed for use in the spine and general orthopedics market.

  • Dodd Grande

    Vice President of Engineering and Applications Development

    Dr. Dodd Grande is the Vice President of Engineering and Applications Development.  He has over 35 years of industry experience in development, characterization, testing and validation of polymeric and composite materials, as well as aerospace and sporting goods products.  He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Seattle University and holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Dr. Grande brings experience from Boeing Commercial Aircraft where he worked on advanced applications of composite materials for commercial aircraft, and K2 Sports where he led the product development and engineering teams developing innovative sports equipment for one of the world’s leading sporting goods manufacturers.

  • Nimmy (Mammoottil) Trietsch

    Director of Polymer Process Development
    Dr. Nimmy (Mammoottil) Trietsch leads the printing and process development engineering group at Adaptive3D. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UT Dallas, gaining expertise in polymer systems for vapor detection and electronic nose applications. After her graduate studies, she transitioned to product development in the defense industry, focused on creating production scaled, injection molded, polymer cased defense articles, where she gained multiple patents in the design and application of the products. Her experiences in product and process development, geared towards manufacturability, combined with her knowledge of synthetic organic & polymer chemistry makes her a valuable asset to Adaptive3D. Dr. Trietsch’s team focuses on photocurable material qualification on industrial 3D printers and development of manufacturing scaled post processing, beginning from resin to finished product, where all testing conducted, and processes created have an emphasis on customer implementation.
  • Daniel Zamorano

    Director of Analytical Services

    Mr. Daniel Zamorano is the Director of Analytical Services at Adaptive3D which is the central testing hub for Adaptive3D. After receiving his B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Dallas he immediately joined Adaptive3D as an intern. His internship manifested into various roles across the company including Research Scientist and Technical Product Manager before establishing the Analytical Services sector. While at Adaptive3D, he has also been an inventor on 2 patents and serves on the ASTM F42.05.02 Committee for Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Materials and Processes, and Polymers.

    The Adaptive3D Analytical lab manages a wide array of daily testing needs such as characterizing new formulations for Research & Development, Quality Control for Resin Production, and performing application specific testing on end use products.

  • Evelyn Moyer

    Business Operations Manager

    Ms. Evelyn Moyer serves as the Business Operations Manager at Adaptive3D, where she serves as the creative liaison between order fulfillment and process improvement. After multiple years in strategic operations management, Evelyn earned her MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas and embarked on her journey in a new career with Adaptive3D. Beginning as an intern, she quickly showcased her prowess in operations through her unique approach to customer-focused process enhancement.

    With a keen eye for detail and a passion for operational efficiency, Evelyn specializes in driving system improvements that optimize productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Her dedication to streamlining operations has been instrumental in positioning Adaptive3D as a leader in its industry.

  • Robert Puig

    Senior Manufacturing Manager

    Mr. Robert Puig is the Sr. Manufacturing Manager for Adaptive3D.  Robert has nearly 35 years’ experience in custom capital equipment manufacturing in the semiconductor and Bio-Life science industries.  Before joining Adpatvie3D Robert was Operations Manager at Onto Innovation, with a focus on building an operations team to produce photolithography equipment, with an emphasis on supply chain and manufacturing process flow, quality, and logistics.  Prior to Onto, Robert was Director of Program Management at Dakota Systems leading customer focused programs for large scale, custom Bio-Life Science equipment, H2 generation and semiconductor capital equipment.  There he drove product quality and customer satisfaction through constant process improvements and customer engagement.

  • Caleb Lund

    Senior Manager for CODEX (Center of Design Excellence)

    Mr. Caleb Lund is the senior manager for the CODEX (Center of Design Excellence) team of design engineers; CODEX specializes in DLP 3D print design for Elastomeric materials. Mr. Lund received a M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas and shortly after joined Adaptive3D. Working through the engineering, analytical, research and printing departments, Mr. Lund leverages a well-rounded perspective of 3D printing to translate customer requirements to 3D printable designs.