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Custom Material Development: Flexible 3D Printing Material

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Adaptive3D’s groundbreaking proprietary photopolymer technology is capable of the highest performance on the market today. We partner with Fortune 500 companies and global leaders to deliver customized solutions for functional end use products and prototypes.

We have a team of chemists and chemical engineers with a full-scale laboratory and testing equipment that move rapidly from proof-of-concept to end-product solution. In support of this effort, Adaptive3D also has DLP 3D printing systems to print parts and products in support of a smooth development cycle.

If you have specific material requirements, we offer services to create specific materials designed solely to hit those performance specs. We have a huge range of materials at the R&D level that we can use as starting points to spin out custom materials, or we can even start from scratch if your needs are very niche. Either way, with our development services, you can be sure that you’ll end up with the perfect printable material to fit your needs.

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Adaptive3D specializes in creating performance-enabling materials for 3D printing services. Our proprietary chemistries are designed from the individual molecules up to deliver industry-leading toughness, elongation, damping, elasticity, and durometer. This not only allows us to regularly launch class-leading products of our own, but also opens up the possibility to create custom, and specific resins that will meet and exceed the specific material requirements for your application.