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Adaptive3D Technologies Wins Prestigious InnoSTARS Competition 2017

December 18, 2017 | Beijing, China
– Adaptive3D, the world’s premium additive manufacturing polymer resin supplier, announced that it was awarded 1st place in the Advanced Manufacturing and New Materials category of the prestigious InnoSTARS Competition 2017, hosted in Beijing, China by the US China Innovation and Investment Summit.

The InnoSTARS competition is unique because it is a multi-phased competition between US based high tech companies that are looking for open inroads to the Chinese market. Adaptive3D excelled in this competition due to its proprietary photopolymer chemistry that produces the toughest additively manufactured materials with high elongation, good damping properties and rubber-like performance. The new level of performance enables additive manufacturing to emerge from a prototyping technology into a manufacturing platform for end parts and products.

“Adaptive3D winning a global and highly competitive award is a true testament to the importance of bridging the gap in additive manufacturing technology from prototyping to functional end part production by delivering high performance materials” said CEO Walter Voit, PhD. He went on to say, “furthermore, it is an endorsement of our products’ ability to bridge that gap and the effectiveness of our go-to-market strategy, which is partnering with Fortune 500 companies and global manufacturing leaders.”

Despite massive investments from the world’s largest companies, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) has failed to achieve its promise to deliver differentiated customized products and unprecedented part performance through precise internal geometries. Until now it has only been utilized for prototyping because 3D printed parts have poor materials’ properties and they cannot be manufactured at sufficient throughput rates. However, Adaptive3D’s proprietary technology has changed the game by enabling additive manufacturing of tough functional parts at high throughput and low cost. These materials have toughness up to 100 MJ/m³, high Z strength and can leverage continuous production platforms. Because of this they can be used by the world’s most prestigious brands to produce premium functional parts and products with market leading mechanical and thermal performance.

Bryan Chambers, Director of the Blackstone Launchpad at UT Dallas and emcee of the event said, “The University of Texas at Dallas has become a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity in which inventors and business people can thrive.” He added that “Innostars is a global and highly competitive event so Adaptive3D’s success really speaks to the efforts of everyone involved.”

The US China Innovation and Investment Summit established the InnoSTARS competition as an opportunity to connect innovative US-based companies to Chinese investors and partners. The goal is to facilitate the access of these high-growth corporations to Chinese markets for their products and to Chinese capital that may want to invest in their business.