Damping ToughRubber™

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Damping ToughRubber™ is the highest-straining 3D-printable photopolymer in the world, which enables you to make rubber-like parts that strain farther than the same parts made out of competitors’ materials.

  • EVA rubber substitute with the ability to be 3D printed
  • Prototyping of rubber and rubber-like parts
  • High-quality 3D prints out of flexible materials

  • Printing tough and flexible parts that are usable and functional
  • Vibration isolation parts

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With Adaptive3D Technologies materials, you can create stronger, tougher, and more-strainable parts that have high accuracy, isotropic properties, and great printability. ToughRubber™ opens up advantages for 3D printing that have not been available before the launch of this product family, which makes ToughRubber™ materials the premium rubber-like AM materials on the market.

  • Highest strain of any rubber-like AM photopolymer
  • Highest ultimate tensile strength of any rubber-like AM photopolymer
  • Rubber-like properties and feel


  • Tougher than any other rubber-like photopolymer
  • Exceptional damping properties

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