Elastic ToughRubber™

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Elastic ToughRubber ™ is simply the toughest AM elastomer on the market. ETR can already be found in parts and products that are sold on store shelves. It is perfect for shoe midsoles and heel cups, seals, door boots, bellows, foam-like lattice structures and impact parts. Its use cases include:

  • Midsoles
  • Heel Cups
  • Impact Parts
  • Seals
  • Door Boots
  • Wire Guides

  • Hinging Mechanisms
  • Tough Enclosures
  • Foam-like lattice structuring
  • End-Parts and Products
  • Functional Prototypes

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Unlike similar materials in DLP printing, Elastic ToughRubber ™ is a one part one pot polymer system. This means there is no mixing of two materials in the proper ratios, which can lead to poor quality if not done correctly. ETR is also pot stable so there is no wasted resin at the end of the print. You simply use the left over resin to print your next part!

  • Higher Performance
  • One part one pot polymer system simplifies storage and processing for a cleaner safer production environment

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Faster and more affordable part production time
  • High tear strength, high resilience (elasticity), high strain, high tensile strength

ETR 90 Brochure & Data Sheet
ETR 70 Brochure & Data Sheet

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