Soft ToughRubber™

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What if you could rapidly print soft, flexible parts? What if you could rapidly print soft, flexible parts with functional end performance, complex geometry, and fine feature sizes?

  • Functional Prototypes
  • Audio Ear Pieces
  • Wearable Electronics

  • High-quality 3D Prints out of Soft, Flexible Materials
  • Printing Tough and Flexible Parts that are Usable and Functional

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With Adaptive3D Technologies materials, you can create stronger, tougher, and more-strainable parts that have high accuracy, isotropic properties, and great printability.

  • Soft AM photopolymer (Shore A 28.6)
  • Silicone/TPE feel
  • High strain, tensile strength, and toughness


  • Large part size, high resolution, smooth surface, and black color
  • One-part polymer resin system

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