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pratik shah

Employee Spotlight: Pratik Shah

Pratik Shah serves Adaptive3D as the Global Product Director. He took some time to share his experience and thoughts on the 3D printing and additive manufacturing field. Learn about Pratik below!

What is your name and title?
  • Pratik Shah MS, MBA
  • Global Product Director at Adaptive3D
Where did you work before Adaptive3D?
  • DSM
What was your role at that company?
  • Global Marketing Director (Fiber Optics Materials) where I reported directly to department President and handled global team of ~7-10  manager level members with additional responsibility of Global Technical and Applications Manger (FOM).
What is your specialty as far as background work and major?
  • I am a visionary business leader with skills in strategy, data analysis, project management, product management, value based pricing analysis, and marketing.
  • Achievements:
    • NPS Certified, certified in Digital Marketing & digital analytics
    • Innovation with 20+ Technical papers and 5+ co-patents
    • R&D 100 Award winner
  • Education:
    • BS in Polymer Engineering (Pune University)
      • MS in Plastics Engineering (UMASS)
      • MBA in Management of Technology (Anderson School of Management/UNM)
      • Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Leadership Certification Course from Vlerick Business School, Belgium
What are your main responsibilities at Adaptive3D?
  • I hold many responsibilities at Adaptive3D including:
    • Product management
    • Project management
    • Value Based Pricing analysis
    • Supporting Sales and Marketing
    • Direct interactions with customers and vendors
    • Coaching and building teams
What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done at work recently?
  • Supporting Adaptive3D’s innovative projects.
  • Aligning CEO Walter Voit’s vision with future projects which will promote Adaptive3D as a “Large Scale Additive Resin Supplier” and provider/supporter of entire relevant additive manufacturing ecosystem to make customer successful.
What do you like about working at Adaptive3D?
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to give back to younger generation
Why did you choose the additive manufacturing/3D printing field?
  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing Kial Gramley and I discussed the job and opportunities to influence the company/industry.
  • A strong reference from a DSM colleague helped influence me.
  • Potential for exponential growth in the next 5 years.
Where do you see 3D-printing in five years?
  • It will become mainstream in several sectors as supply chain is the big issue due to “Covid-19” impact and it is going to remain for next 3-5 years.
  • As Adaptive3D is focusing on how to manufacture 3D elastomeric parts with custom/frequent changes in the designs with operating cost equal to or lower than injection molding that will be the game changer.
What hobbies do you have outside of work?
  • I regularly play racquetball.
  • I like hiking, running, biking, and golf.
What is your favorite scientific field?
  • UV Chemistry 
  • Trying to understand Universe both from macro and micro level
What is something you’re involved in, personally or professionally, that you’d like to see more 3D-printed parts?
  • Medical- where we can save time of surgery and in future tissue engineering where we can even print the organs to save the life.
  • Footwear and orthotics industry for under privileged children who can get support by custom design so that they can play their favorite sports.