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3D Printing Elastomers – Challenges & Solutions

Hosted by Engineering.com

On August 18, 2020, CEO Walter Voit spoke for the 3D Printing Elastomers – Challenges & Solutions webinar hosted by Engineering.com. Each printing platform (SLS, SLA, FDM, etc..) has challenges and benefits in printing elastomers. He presented DLP printing as a leading solution to additive manufacturing of flexible parts and products.

In the past, it has been nearly impossible to additively manufacture elastomeric materials with rubber and polyurethane-like performance. Fused filament fabrication and Selective laser sintering printing of elastomeric thermoplastics result in properties and parts that are suited for prototyping not end use performance. DLP™ and stereolithography printing typically require viscous materials that have low elasticity, poor tear strength and little strain capacity. FDM printing has Z-axis issues and is limited in production speed by the number of print heads.

This webinar presented DLP printing and Adaptive3D’s Elastic ToughRubber products as a leading solution to the challenges of functional material performance, limited part sizes, high cost of production and low throughput speeds. Adaptive3D’s new Shore A elastomeric photopolymer Elastic ToughRubber 70™ was introduced alongside a case study of how it is already used in consumer products.

View the webinar through the video below!

Webinar: 3D Printing Elastomers- Challenges & Solutions from Adaptive3D Technologies on Vimeo.