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Functional Elastomers for Additive Manufacturing

Hosted by SME

On June 3rd, Adaptive3D’s CEO Walter Voit spoke at the Functional Elastomers for Additive Manufacturing webinar hosted by SME. In the past, it has been nearly impossible to additively manufacture elastomeric materials with rubber and polyurethane-like performance. Fused filament fabrication and Selective laser sintering printing of elastomeric thermoplastics result in properties and parts that are suited for prototyping not end use performance. DLP™ and stereolithography printing typically require viscous materials that have low elasticity, poor tear strength and little strain capacity.

ToughRubber™ resins from Adaptive3D leverage proprietary chemistry to unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing to professionals making rubber, polyurethane, and foam parts through high tear strength, elongation, and ultimate tear strength.

In this Webinar, a case study will be presented in which a life-saving rubber diaphragm for ventilators is developed within a few days and printed at scale, ultimately leading to submission for Emergency Use Authorization at the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is a complete demonstration of combining the benefits of Additive Manufacturing and the properties of elastomeric materials.

Watch the video below for a recap of the webinar!

Functional Elastomers for Additive Manufacturing hosted by SME from Adaptive3D Technologies on Vimeo.